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1000 words

No feelings attached!
Empty promises
And love is detached
The relationship became a business deal
Good looks, money & affording every day healthy meal

They were speaking for months
And he called almost every day
In a flat tone, conversation used begin
His policy - no drama
And the excitement was altogether missing

He told everyone else
How great she is
He had not complimented her in months
Whats-app status or social media posts
Are beyond reach

Every time they met
With excitement, she took the first step
Every conflict they faced
He ran away, making some excuses

She accepted him
Even with his imperfection
But day by day
She felt more and more invisible

She decided to move on
Amid opposition from everyone
He did not even fight for her
Which made her belief stronger…

He loved her secretly
Now he has become her ex
Inaction caused him dearly
All he can do is, regret!

Inspiration: movie — Zindagi na milegi dobara (Arjun & Rohini) :)

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